Pulsar Effect Roleplay

Our attempt at recreating the original PERP experience


Welcome to Classic PERP

This is our revision of the original PERP 2.0 created by Pulsar Effect.
We are doing our best to preserve to original gamemode while keeping it up to date and modern.


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Server Statistics
Unique Players44
Total Playtime2d, 4h, 7m
Total Money$1,086,924
Richest Players
1Tyler Foster$107,144
2Dennis Foster$38,837
3Kira Deadpark$27,508
4Nac Lowe$27,382
5Nick Doe$26,881
6John Jojjojojojj$25,969
7John Doeuy$25,855
8Ssss Doe$25,741
9Adam Life$25,507
10Bob Hill$25,399
Most Time Played
1Tyler Foster1d, 11h, 16m
2Mike Jones0d, 2h, 23m
3Nick Doe0d, 2h, 10m
4Lukas Williamson0d, 1h, 57m
5Dennis Foster0d, 1h, 38m
6Krusty Squibb0d, 1h, 13m
7Reiss Gerard0d, 1h, 2m
8Kira Deadpark0d, 0h, 43m
9Emma Williamson0d, 0h, 39m
10Adam Life0d, 0h, 32m
Richest Gangs
1The Foster Family$1,100
2New Org$0
3New Org$0
Largest Gangs
1The Foster Family2
2New Org1
3New Org1