Pulsar Effect Roleplay

Our attempt at recreating the original PERP experience


Welcome to Classic PERP

This is our revision of the original PERP 2.0 created by Pulsar Effect.
We are doing our best to preserve to original gamemode while keeping it up to date and modern.


  • 1. Do not kill another player without roleplay-based intentions; this is called RDM or ARDM. (Random Death Match) & (Attempted RDM)
  • 2. Do not use your microphone to trasmit any other noise other than your voice. (Mic Spam will get you into trouble)
  • 3. Meta-gaming is strictly probibbited.
  • 4. Scamming is allowed as long as it follows up with an RPing situation; however, scamming players outside of RP will result in the ban hammer.
  • 5. Do not exploit elemants of the game.
  • 6. Do not PROP-BLOCK. (Puttings things in front of doors/enterances/exits that would otherwise be accessable to players, in a way that is no longer reachable.)

  • 1.1. -All mayors get a 30 minute period to setup their agenda; a grace period so to speak.
  • 1.2. -If plotting to assassinate mayor - you must have a valid RP reason and a well-rounded plan.
  • 1.3. -If you do not park your car correctly or park in the road you risk getting towed and tickets.
  • 1.4. -You must follow driving speed limits imposed or risk getting pulled over.
  • 1.5. -Don't jaywalk unless you want to be ran over or arrested.
  • 1.6. -Counter raiding is allowed as long as RP rules are followed.
  • 1.7. -All props and items placed must follow the laws of gravity.


  • 2.1. -If you die in general, you no longer remember the life you just had thus you cannot speak on the events that occured. You cannot go back to the place you died at, until the situation has cleared up. (It's always weird seeing the person you just killed, right?)
  • 2.2 -If you die during a raid, you cannot come back seeking vengance.


  • 3.1. -Be a good driver, or statefarm will farm you.
  • 3.2. -Fleeing from a police stop is completely normal, but not reccomended.
  • 3.3. -Mugging and jailbreaking is allowed, both have a cooldown of 30 minutes per person.
  • 3.4. -The maximum amount in which you can rob someone is $5000 in items or cash.
  • 3.5. -In the occasion of FearRP moments, like getting mugged and kidnapped; You must be outgunning the enemy in order to pull a gun on them. Otherwise, you must submit to their orders.
  • 3.6. -If you get tazed by the police you cannot run after you've recovered; This is FEARRP.
  • 3.7. -Do not make maze bases, prepare for a shootout like a real human.
  • 3.8. -Listen to high ranking police officers at all times, report them if they are asking you to break the rules.


  • 4.1. Obey all orders of the Police Chief must be followed at all times; all players.
  • 4.2. You must have valid reasoning and proof in order to demote a government official.
  • 4.3. Police Chief must obey the orders of the mayor, unless asked to break rules.
  • 4.4. Do not shoot at unarmed civilians or pull your weapon.
  • 4.5. You may not stop or detain someone without a valid probable cause.
  • 4.6. Please drive the best you can and take your time unless you have a valid reason to turn on your lights.
  • 4.7. Tow truck drivers must gain permission from the vehicle owner or via /911 before attempting to tow a vehicle.
  • 4.9. Complete negligence is not acceptable
  • 5.0. Do not abuse the abilities you have over citizens and remember to obey the laws of gravity.

  • Use /ooc or // to speak to the whole server. (OOC stands for Out Of Character chat.)
  • DO NOT - speak on current RP situations until the situation is no-longer a current event.
  • DO NOT - post weblinks
  • Use /advert to sponser/advertise your current ingame agenda for a fee of $200. (Buying, selling, services, and propaganda)
  • DO NOT use advert for situations and events outside of this server.
  • Use /911 or /999 in order to make a police report; you must own a cell phone.

Server Statistics
Unique Players103
Total Playtime11d, 5h, 50m
Total Money$3,510,685
Richest Players
1Vernon Brook$630,918
2Tyler Foster$548,368
3Sam Bond$60,489
4Dennis Foster$40,475
5Ben Dover$32,038
6Brian Abudamanavinuih$28,528
7Kira Deadpark$27,508
8Nac Lowe$27,382
9Nick Doe$26,881
10Frank Penjamen$26,710
Most Time Played
1Vernon Brook6d, 4h, 15m
2Tyler Foster2d, 2h, 20m
3Sam Bond1d, 11h, 39m
4Edward Steward0d, 5h, 29m
5Mike Jones0d, 2h, 23m
6Nick Doe0d, 2h, 10m
7Lukas Williamson0d, 1h, 57m
8Dennis Foster0d, 1h, 52m
9Krusty Squibb0d, 1h, 13m
10Bou Lol0d, 1h, 9m
Richest Gangs
1The Foster Family$1,100
2New Org$0
3New Org$0
4The Unit$0
5New Org$0
6New Org$0
7New Org$0
8The Salamanca Family$0
Largest Gangs
1The Salamanca Family5
2The Unit3
3The Foster Family2
4New Org1
5New Org1
6New Org1
7New Org1
8New Org1