is providing classic garry's mod servers

We're a small community dedicated to bringing you the highest quality classic themed Garry's Mod servers.

Name IP Map Players
🔹 🔹 Classic DarkRP 🔹 Unique Custom Content rpw_downtown_v3b 0/24
🔹 🔹 Classic Sandbox 🔹 [Wire, ACF, SProps] gm_flatgrass_classic 0/20
🔹 🔹 Classic TTT 🔹 [MapVote, 1-Hit Knife, Van ttt_67thway_v7_j_l 0/32
🔹 🔹 Classic Stronghold 🔹 sh_lockdown 0/24
🔹 🔹 Classic PERP rp_evocity_v4b1 0/64

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