Classic Sandbox

Our classic sandbox building server


Welcome to Classic Sandbox

Sandbox is as original as it gets.
We've got all the addons and tools you remember from back in the day, plus the new and improved building tools from today.


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Server Statistics
Unique Players1,268
Total Playtime11d, 16h, 28m
Most Time Played
1SlowMissionary3d, 4h, 31m
2menglish1970d, 19h, 40m
3cloud90d, 12h, 34m
4koolaid0d, 9h, 9m
50xymoron0d, 8h, 44m
6tamraross050d, 4h, 4m
7canzi0d, 2h, 53m
8raffaadek1200d, 2h, 33m
9ジョーイ0d, 2h, 10m
10Makin' Bacon0d, 2h, 9m