About Us

Who are we?

We are an independent Garry's Mod revival project refocused around creating the same unique, high quality, and high performance servers that you remember playing back in the day.

Our reason

Gone are the days of servers relying on the small amount of free released content available to them or even trying to learn to program themselves.
All it takes today is a credit card and you can purchase a fully "custom" server that matches almost every other server in existence today. This takes any uniqueness out of the equation, these servers today are all carbon copies of the next.

Our goal

Our goal at gmod.club is the absolute exact opposite. We plan to create simple servers with content that was made specifically for each server and its players. This will result in our servers being truly unique from the rest and overall a more enjoyable gameplay experience.

Essentially we're bringing back the good ol' Garry's Mod 10-12 days before the public sale of addons slowly took away the creativity from the servers.

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